A Guide on What To Say After A Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, this can be quite devastating. One of the key issues that you should pay attention to it is your personal safety and health. Out of panic and confusion, you may end up saying the wrong things, which may end up complicating your compensation. A car accident claim injury will be based on a couple of factors and your words may end up hurting. Be careful when it comes to insurance companies as they may trap you to say the wrong things. We have created a guide on some of the things that you should and should not say.

With the help of the best personal injury lawyers, we have been able to pick some of the crucial phrases to look out for.

Here is what you should never ever say after an accident:

Do Say You Caused the Accident or Say Sorry

While it usually a reflex action, you should desist from apologizing after an accident. While it may appear as a normal humanity action, this will be taken to means that you are at fault. Once the insurance company gets wind of this, they will use it against you. In addition, even if you are certain you are the one at fault, do not admit it. There are many other factors that you may overlook and assume that you were at fault, whereas it may not be the case.

Never Say You Are Fine

You may have seen it in the movies or even in real life people come out of an accident and say they are fine or okay. Do not fall for this even if you are sure that you are unhurt. This could end up crippling your efforts to get compensated for the damages in the future. The insurance adjusters will use such a statement to mean that you were not injured and this can be detrimental to your case.

Do Not Speculate the Events of the Accident

Whether it is the law officers, insurance companies or any other party that you are talking to, you should not try to make assumptions. If you are not sure of the events that caused the accident, it is safer to avoid making speculations as these statements will be used as the correct narrative and insurance adjusters can be manipulative.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

As you may be aware, right after the accident you may be injured and the recovery may take some time and resources. You will need to be compensated for such accidents and it is only a qualified and experienced lawyer that can assist with such matters.

The best chances that you will have at filing a personal injury claim and getting compensated are when you have a good personal injury attorney. Finding a good legal firm to represent you is imperative and these are experts who will know what to say and not to say. Get a car accident lawyer to speak on your behalf.

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